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Get a Clean Start to the New Year with Viva® and HGTV® Dream Home 2024

Viva® Towels | January 1 , 2024 | 4 min Read
Viva® and HGTV® dream home banner

Refresh your home in the New Year by following along with Viva®’s room-by-room guide, inspired by this year’s HGTV® Dream Home

With the New Year here, many of us are getting our homes clean. If you’re gearing up for that big New Year clean, Viva® is here to help you give every room a refresh, and bring some peace and tranquility after a busy season.

We think there’s no greater cleaning inspiration than the beautiful, pristine rooms and outdoor spaces of the HGTV® Dream Home 2024. Cleaned by Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towels from top to bottom, this year’s home is a grand coastal escape packed with high-end design, located on Anastasia Island, Florida.

To help you get ready for a new year of clean, we’ll take you on a tour of the HGTV® Dream Home 2024 room-by-room, sharing how we made these stunning rooms shine. And of course, we’ve included our top cleaning tips for every room of your home—so you can clean like a pro.

Let’s see what the HGTV® Dream Home 2024 has in store this year, and get a boost of motivation to make our homes feel extra clean in the New Year.

Entryway: Create a Warm Welcome Every Time You Arrive Home

The entrance to HGTV® Dream Home 2024 is both grand and serene, with a stacked stone facade and breezy glass-paneled door that leads right into the open living space. We made the glass spotless with Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towels and a spritz of glass cleaner. Plus, we wiped over the gorgeous gold door handles to make sure nothing disrupted this pristine entryway.

To get your entryway sparkling, pay attention to all these little details—from door hardware to interior features—and use a Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towel to wipe away any smudges or grime.

Living Room: Make Every Surface Shine

Step two of your New Year clean will likely begin in the living room. HGTV® Dream Home 2024 creates an inviting living space with calming blue and gray tones, plus statement features like cast concrete cocktail tables for laying out drinks and snacks.

Make all your living room surfaces shine by wiping them down with Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ and a spritz of homemade all purpose cleaner. These handy paper towels are more absorbent1 for multiple tasks, so you can grab a single sheet and give everything a quick touch-up as needed throughout the week.

Kitchen: Clean up Your Island and Countertops

The kitchen is a busy place, and it can be hard to keep clean. But a pristine kitchen is sure to wow. For inspiration, take a peek at this year’s HGTV® Dream Home kitchen—a beautiful, light-filled room with a sleek quartzite island and countertops.

We made all that quartzite shine with the cleaning power of Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™, and you can do the same at home. WIth 4x cleaning power2 , these paper towels are more than a match for any spills or food debris that build up as you cook delicious meals.

For a final flourish, consider decorating your kitchen island with a flower arrangement, runner, or accent candles—bringing in that HGTV® Dream Home 2024 inspiration.

Bedrooms: Wipe Away Dust in Overlooked Spots

Making your bedroom a serene escape for a solid night of sleep is next on the list.

The key to a cozy and peaceful bedroom is remembering to clean all those areas that often get overlooked. In HGTV® Dream Home 2024, every feature of the stunning main bedroom was carefully designed, and we wanted to make each one of them shine. Our team used Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ to wipe away dust from every corner, including the top of the rustic wooden headboard, in and around the breezy beige lampshades, and inside the drawers of the sleek navy nightstands.

As you clean your bedrooms, use a dry Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ to brush away dust from lamp shades and ceiling fans. Add a spritz of all-purpose cleaner to ensure drawers, headboards, and other features are all completely dust-free.

Bathrooms: Give Your Bathroom Some Glamor

Is it just us—or is there something luxurious about an exceptionally clean and stylish bathroom?

If you’re with us, one look at this year’s HGTV® Dream Home bathroom is sure to take your breath away. From the beautiful vaulted ceiling to the statement mirrors, porcelain tiled floors, and white quartzite counters, the Dream Home bathroom is full of light and elegance from top to bottom.

Elegant bathrooms are at their best when absolutely spotless—so we used Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towels to make every nook and cranny shine. As you work through your cleaning routine, Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towels are the perfect companion to wipe over counters, polish away any mirror smudges, and clean up hard-to-reach areas like behind the toilet and around faucets.

Plus, we recommend grabbing a paper towel for a quick bathroom wipe down as needed throughout the week.

Outdoor Spaces: Make the Outside Inviting (No Matter the Temperature!)

HGTV® Dream Home 2024 has some beautiful inspiration for how to arrange different outdoor spaces to create gathering spaces for your family and guests. Our favorite is the Sunset Porch, complete with two sets of outdoor furniture for dining and relaxing.

We got the Sunset Porch ready for hosting by using Viva® Multi-Surface Cloth™ paper towels to wipe clean the sleek, modern dining table and coffee table. Once you’ve cleaned your outdoor tables, we recommend popping some festive scented candles on these surfaces, to make these spaces warm and inviting, whatever the weather.

For all of Viva®’s expert advice on making outdoor spaces pristine, check out our full guide for how to clean outdoor furniture.

And that’s that! You’ve taken the full tour of the HGTV® Dream Home 2024—and hopefully found some inspiration for how to make your home feel just as clean, warm and welcoming for your family and guests alike in the new year.

If winning a house like HGTV® Dream Home 2024 is a New Year’s resolution, you can enter to win this gorgeous Florida escape here.

Happy cleaning!

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1 vs. the leading value brand
2 removes dirt, scrubs grime, absorbs quick, locks liquid